Curriculum Vitae

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To improve the quality of education in language learning by impacting the teaching standards through assessment and teacher training.

My Professional Outlook: I believe in quality education and feel there is no end to LEARNING. My constant striving has been to apply my learning to the needs of the organisation I am associated with at its various stages of growth and development.

My work experience has taught me that one can work through problems to achieve the broader perspective of the institution one is working for. This attitude, along with my ability to organise my work schedules, has helped me in achieving success in what I do.


  Understanding how children learn English and other languages

  Understanding what affects learning standards in English Language learning

  Analysing data to discover learning gaps and understand what contributes to them

  Creating practical strategies that will help address learning gaps in language learning

  Empowering teachers with teaching tools that work in the classroom


  16 + years of teaching experience in an innovative teaching environment

  Creative contribution to the design of novel and effective teaching methods and assessments

  Willingness and ability to learn new things and adapt quickly

  Used novel question ideas in ASSET English tests

  Goal-oriented and systematic approach

  Ability to accept individual differences

  Hard work and perseverance

  Skills in proof-reading and editing

EXPERIENCE: (Total work experience = 30+ years)

I.       Educational Initiatives: (July 2001 - Present)

Educational Fellow (from February 2008 till date)
Educational Specialist
(from 24th July 2001 to February 2008)


Roles and Responsibilities:

Creating assessment tools in English for English including item development, paper assembly validation and data analysis

Conducting Post Test Analysis Sessions for schools taking the diagnostic test, ASSET

Designing School Enrichment Program

Content Development for various products of the company

Designing learning-teaching tools that will help teachers address learning gaps



  Team Lead Managing people, focusing on quality of products in Content Development and composition of ASSET-English, the diagnostic test of English for schools (Ongoing)

  Understanding and working with statistics of assessment data, cognitive psychology of learning and testing, child development

  IT skills, editing skills, computer skills (word, xcel, power point, paint etc.)

  Recruitment, Evaluation of tests of candidates, Interviewing and hiring people,

  Designing teacher training programmes of various kinds for schools

  Content development for the TV Quiz program Indias Child Genius (Nov 2004)

  Content development for the admission tests for Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Mumbai, 2003

  Conducted several training programs for teachers of different schools WATIS (WIPRO)

  Designed a Skill-based Curriculum using the Understanding by Design Approach TVS Matriculation Higher Secondary School (Madurai) from 2003 to 2007

  Designed and conducted a Whole School Transformation Program in English Teaching and Assessment at Vidya Niketan (Pondicherry) from 2007 to 2009

  Designed [teacher sheets an assessment- remedial tool]? for schools, based on ASSET data

  Misconception Explanations based on ASSET data in the form of a [StudentmyBook]- a personalised practice book for students taking ASSET

  Designed content development for the English Test Generator a tool to help schools generate their own pool of test papers for the unit tests in schools