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The Human Element Workshop

If you want to take the FIRO instruments online, Click here!

Dr. Will Schutz, erstwhile Professor of Psychology at Harvard University, developed The Human Element on the basis of his revised theory of FIRO and his years of consulting experience in business organisations. The basic programme of The Human Element, an intensive five-day workshop, has been widely acknowledged as one of the most effective management training programmes ever created. The workshop includes brief lectures, experiential activities, self-assessment instruments, group feedback, and skills practice in team activities -- all with professional facilitation.

For the trainers, The Human Element is offered in two phases. Phase-I is a five-day workshop that introduces the participant to the theory as well as the use of the various instruments (Elements) that have been derived from the revised theory. The basic theme of the workshop is self-awareness, self-esteem and personal effectiveness.

"How I feel about and behave toward myself is the basic determinant of most of my behavior. If I improve my self-regard, I will find that dozens of behaviors change automatically. If, for example, I increase my feelings of self-competence, I will probably be less defensive, less angered by criticism, less devastated if I do not get a raise, less anxious when I come to work, better able to make decisions, and more able to appreciate and praise other people." --Will Schutz

If you wish to hear Dr. Schutz, click here!

The Advanced Training in The Human Element (THE: Phase-II) is an intensive two-week seminar. This used to be conducted by Dr. Will Schutz himself -- until he breathed his last in November 2002. The advanced phase is aimed at: (i) reinforcing the theme of Phase-I and deepening the understanding of the concepts as well as applications of the theory to individuals, teams, and organizations; (ii) training and certifying people to deliver these concepts.

I did my Phase-II in June-July 1998. It was conducted by Dr. Will Schutz in California and had seventeen participants from seven countries: Brazil, France, Holland, India, Japan, Sweden and the United States of America. Those who complete Phase-II are qualified to offer the workshop on their own.

By providing an integrated approach to all human issues in an organization, The Human Element workshop allows individuals and teams to focus on the underlying causes of behavior such as individuals' incompatibilities and rigidities that block successful performance. Derived from the revised theory of FIRO (Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation), the workshop offers a unique learning environment for exploring ways to improve team relations, productivity, effectiveness, profitability and leadership.

Executives, managers, change agents, trainers, HR and OD professionals and people who want to improve their performance and relationships with others find the workshop useful.

My doctoral dissertation was an application (a modest one) of the revised FIRO theory. A year after my Ph.D., I took Phase-I of The Human Element training in Berkeley, USA. About three years later, in 1998, I took Phase-II at Muir Beach, California, USA. I attended an update on the subject during October-November 2000, again in California. The Human Element workshop is now available in India.

When in California, I spent some of my time visiting places and meeting friends. I took some pictures to remind myself of the moments I cherished. There are also some pictures from my recent visits to London, Leeds and Bangkok. The pictures are not of high quality, but if you choose to view them, you may do so by clicking on the links, below:

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